Miles Through Time Automotive Museum

Pop’s 59 has found a new home.

No it hasn’t been sold, but it is now on display at Miles Through Time Automotive Museum. The museum offers storage and consignment and displays everything as museum exhibits. I do still drive the car every once in a while, but now I have my garage back for my daily drivers.

Although, the Caddy would fit in the garage it took up more than half.  With two little kids around I was extremely nervous with the car in the garage even under the cover.  The cover was a shame as well because I needed it on the car, but then I couldn’t see the car and it would make the car dirty when I took the cover off.  Car covers have their pluses and negatives.

My car is not the only Cadillac in the museum there is also a slightly older model. Plus, there is an array of other vehicles that are constantly changing.  There is a 1910 Sears, a 1911 Brush, 9 Model A’s, a Roadrunner and more.  The museum is extremely unique and very new.  It opened June 10, 2017 in a restored 1939 Chrysler dealership in Toccoa, Georgia.

My Pop’s car is now free to breath and not covered up and it is kept in a climate controlled environment and on display.  Luckily, I can still drive the car whenever I want just like other owners.  Instead of kissing our cars good bye, we treat them how they should be.  There is even a lounge in the museum, complete with rocking chairs, tv, coffee, and tons of automotive literature.

I invite anyone to visit the museum and try to be a part of it. You can store your vehicle or display your automotive memorabilia and let everyone enjoy it. They will also consign your vehicle if you want, but their primary focus is storage and display.  The museum is open Wednesday through Saturday 10am to 4pm or by appointment.

Miles Through Time Automotive Museum

876 E. Currahee St.
Toccoa, GA 30577