Who is Pop?

My Pop, Grandma and me. 1994.

My Pop, Grandma and me. 1994.

My grandpa, known to me as Pop, to others as Truman (Blackie) Mathis, bought the 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville new, in California. It was the family car for years, and the car my dad and uncle grew up with.

Once the family replaced it as the daily driver it was put away in Pop’s shop, covered to sit.  He would take the car out every once in a while and I would get a peak of her, but I never got to see it in the sun while he was alive.

As kid I dreamed of that pink Cadillac, and as a teenager, and driver, my thirst for her increased. But she remained covered and alone in Pop’s shop.

The first time I saw the sun gleam off of her was at my cousin’s wedding, in 2005, a couple years after Pop passed. It was the only time in years she was pulled out of the shop, and the only time she was shown any love since Pop died.

My wife, Torie and I were able to talk my Grandma into letting us take our then toddler son, Riley Bear, into the shop to see Pop’s Caddy. We took as many photos as we could,  afraid it might be the last time we got to see her. She was as pretty as I remembered and smelled exactly like him. Sadly, we covered her back up and left her. That was 2009.

No one knew what was going to happen to the Pop’s car, and my grandma always blew off my requests to buy her. I loved that car. I groaned, worried that they would just sell her to someone out of the family, to someone that didn’t care, to someone that didn’t know my Pop.

My groans fell on deaf ears. And she continued to sit and rot in the shop.

After my grandma passed away in 2014 the entire estate of my grandparents was split 50/50 to my dad and uncle. To them she was just the family car they grew up with, and nothing special. Luckily, my dad understood how deep my love for Pop’s car ran. When I got the call from him that he got her for me I was excited.
And relieved.

I was so happy that Pop’s pink Caddy would be in good, family hands and that his legacy would live on.

It is now my family’s car. And we all love her. Especially my daughter Bella, since the car is pink.

It is one of the only things I have of my Pop’s. And I know he would be proud that it is now me in the driver seat.

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share my Pop’s car with you. Keep a look out for her, as we have big plans.
I hope you get to see the sun gleam off her in one day too.

Dedicated to my Pop.
With love.

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