And Then There Was Two

Wednesday nights is great in my town with a local Cruise In right down the street at Brusters Ice Cream. Last night May 20th 2015 I was honored to receive “Car of the Week” at Cruisin The Plantation.  There were plenty of cars and a good size crowd viewing all the rides.

As soon as I arrived I immediately started talking to someone about featuring Pop’s 59 Caddy in a Calendar which will be used for charity.  From there people love seeing my Pop’s old Cadillac which bring me joy.  As I was about to wrap up my night I saw another “pink” 1959 Cadillac cruse in.  I immediately made sure I went out and had him park next to mine.  It is not everyday you get to see two wood rose 1959 Cadillac’s sitting right next to each other.

The other 59 was was a fully optioned 4 door flattop.  The car was loaded for back in the day, power everything. It was cool to see another 59 right next to mine since I haven’t had the opportunity to see two 1959’s next to each other in person.  The flat use to be blue and it had white interior and was in no were near the same condition as mine but it was still very cool.

Enjoy the pictures

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