1959 Cadillac Coat Hooks

Original 1959 Cadillac Coat Hooks

Pop’s 59 Caddy sat in his shop in Roseville, California for years.  The car was out of the weather but after so many years parts of the interior had started to corrode. The coat hooks where among some of the parts that needed some attention. The coat hooks condition drove me nuts and because they are small and easy to change I figured I could just order a new set from Original Parts Group. 1959 Cadillac Coat Hooks

I read the reviews on this part and one of them said the coat hook was the wrong shape from the original hook in a 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. OPG said they show two options for the car one being the round version they sell and another being a more square shape which they don’t sell.  At the time I ordered the coat hooks my car was at S.L. Customs so I didn’t verify the shape of my coat hooks but for whatever reason I thought the round shape was the correct shape so I ordered a set.1959 Cadillac Coat Hooks

When I got the car back I had the coat hooks and was ready to install them just to discover I did indeed have the square hooks not the round ones.  Since I knew OPG only had the round hooks I decided to remove my original square hooks and see if I could clean them up.  They were severely oxidized but with a little fine grit sand paper I was able to remove the oxidation and apply a metal polish to shine them back up.

Easy fix, looks great and now I need to return the round coat hooks to Original Parts Group.

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