First Car Show

Less than one month after receiving the car I had the opportunity to attend my first car show

I have always wanted to have a car I owned in a car show.  For years I have been going to car shows and never had the opportunity to put my own car in the show. On June 19th 2014 I was searching for local car shows online and found one right down the street that was starting in 45 minutes.  I immediately got dressed and started to wipe the car down.  I arrived to the car show about 15 minutes after it had started.  By looks I received from the people already at the car show I don’t think they expected to see a 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville show up to their car show and especially have me and my two little kids in the car 5 and 3 at the time.

car show

The car was an instant hit and I got the opportunity to talk to a lot of people at the show.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best and the rain kept sprinkling on us and eventually poured on all of the cars. My kids both walked away with prizes they one with tickets they received when I registered the car and I walked away with a Top 20 award at my first car show.  The coolest part is by that time all I had done to the car was clean it.  The car had sat for years under a cover and stored in my Pop’s shop and I cleaned and took home an award at my first car show.

This was a very proud moment and I wish my Pop could have been there with me and I am so gratefully I get the opportunity to share my Pop’s car with everyone.

Thanks to TNT Revolution for putting on the car show for Friend of the Animals

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