Stereo Sound System For Your Classic Ride

Would you like a decent stereo in your classic but want to keep the original look?

If you’re like me I like to listen to music when I’m in the car.  With todays technology I don’t have to listen to the radio, tapes or CDs if I want to listen to something while I’m driving.  All I have to do is turn my phone on.  I can listen to Spotify, Pandora, iheartradio or my personal music library.

The trick is knowing how to make the sound come out of speakers in the car vs. headphones or your phone speaker.  Sure you could just get a battery powered bluetooth speaker and have it sit on the seat next to you or set in your lap but then the battery will run out, it probably won’t sound good enough in the car and it’s kind of hokey.51wjt6xFbVL._SL75_

In the past your only other options would be to install an aftermarket stereo in your car which either ruins the original look of the dash or tucked away somewhere and you don’t even use all the features you paid for because you can’t reach it.  Or you spend a bunch of money and go with a stock looking replacement radio like what RetroSounds offers.  Don’t get me wrong the benefits of replacing my stock radio with something that had new features but looked original sounded very appealing.  The problem I found was the cost in not only the unit itself but also the installation.

Which leads me to what I found to be the best option.  I’m sure there are other brands available but I went with the Kenwood option which had great reviews.  It is amazing to me this option is promoted more often in the classic car industry.  Instead Kenwood has chosen to promote there product more as a marine auto device.

I’m talking about the Kenwood Compact Automotive/Marine Amplifier – 180 W RMS – 400 W PMPO – 4 Channel – Class D KAC-M1824BT which is available through Amazon for only $141. 51lT29ZJDAL._SX180_ This is much less than another option I found.  The installation is super simple and it comes with everything you need.  All you do is connect it to your battery and speakers.  Mine is installed under the front seat so it is hidden and no one will know its there.  Not only is it a bluetooth device which allows you to stream your music from your phone but it is also an amplifier so the sound that comes out is great.

The only thing left to do will be to replace your old speakers or install new ones.


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