The Day Pop’s 59 Caddy Came Home

June 27, 2014 was the day my Pop’s car arrived came home with me.

caddytransportIt was May when my dad called me and asked if I was still interested in owning my grandpa’s (Pop) 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville.  This was a car I had seen stored in my Pop’s shop my entire life.  When my Pop passed away over 10 years ago I was would have loved to take the Caddy and get it the much needed love the car deserved to have.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the option to even purchase the car from my grandma. Thus the car continued to sit for another 10 years, only to be pulled out once for my cousin’s wedding then returned to the shop.

For ten years I attempted to buy my Pop’s car from my grandma never really understanding the fact that I technically couldn’t afford to buy the car which my grandma did tell me at one point.  I don’t think my grandma ever really wanted to give anything of my Pop’s away and as the years passed her memory started to go and instead of telling me no or avoiding the question she told me she wanted to keep the car in the family.  Mind you I am full blood family.  I know my grandma didn’t mean what she said but that was the last time I ever brought up the car to her.

2014-06-27 13.26.35-1I had made peace with the fact I was never going to get to have my Pop’s 59 Caddy and either one of my cousins was going to get it or a complete stranger was going to buy when my grandma passed.  In 2014 my grandma did pass away and everything was split between her two sons one of which was my dad.  Since the car was wrapped up in the whole inheritance I thought for sure the car was getting sold, but my dad surprised me with the best gift I have ever received.  When he asked me if I wanted Pop’s car I couldn’t believe it. I immediately worked on getting the car transported from California to North Carolina.

One month later and the car arrived.  One of the happiest day’s of my life and a surreal moment when I saw it after so many years.



It’s just the beginning of a journey.

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