White Wall Tires

Something about wide white wall tires makes the difference.

Pop’s 1959 Caddy had white wall tires when I got the car but they were thin white walls and just looked old.  I’ve seen other 59 Cadillac’s with wide white wall tires and I think it makes the car look so much better.  I have a picture of my Pop’s car in 1963 with wide white wall tires and that was it, I had to put them back on the Coupe De Ville.

Then the hunt began to try to find wide white wall tires that weren’t going to cost well over $1000 for 15″ tires.  What I learned was Coker Tire is pretty much your only option and the average price for a 235/75-15 3″ wide white wall is about $245 each.  Needless to say I wasn’t going to pay that and  didn’t really have that kind of cash for a set of tires.

2015-04-21 14.30.48
2015-04-21 16.54.52
That’s when I came across Diamond Back Tire they have many options in more than just white walls.  I ultimately found a special, advertised on their Facebook that was well under $245 a tire.  I was even able to go larger than a 3″ white wall and increased the white wall to 3.75″ which looks killer on the car.  I haven’t had the tires on the car for very long but they seem to drive just fine especially in boat like Pop’s 59 Caddy.  The best think is they look awesome and they make the difference tying the dover white roof into the wide white wall tires.
2015-04-21 14.30.58


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